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 It's almost midterm!

I hope the first few weeks of school have gone well. We're still working out a few kinks, but we are excited about well things have been going.

I hope you have noticed and had a chance to use the activity calendar on the bottom of the home page. We try to get things on the calendar as they are scheduled, and get changes put up as soon as they happen. You can view the calendar in whatever view you want by clicking on the desired icon at the top right of the calendar.  If you click on the event it will give more information.

If you have any questions, or see something that isn't right, please let us know so that we can get it changed.


Wes Coy, Superintendent




Home of the Red Devils, the Huntley Project School District serves students living in four small Montana communities: Worden, Ballantine, Huntley, and Pompeys Pillar, with total population nearing 3,000 people.  The campus is located in Worden, 20 miles northeast of Montana's largest city, Billings.

Total 2013-2014 enrollment for Huntley Project Schools is 791 students. The high school currently has 251 students, making Huntley Project a Class B school in the Montana High School Association.  Junior high enrollment (grades 7 and 8) is 130, and the elementary school (K - 6) has a student population of 410 children.

The name ‘Huntley Project’ is short for Huntley Irrigation Project, which was the second U.S.. Bureau of Reclamation irrigation project. The area was part of the Crow Indian Reservation from 1874 to 1904 when the government purchased the 35,000 acres, stretching across 27 miles from Huntley, east to the Little Bull Mountains.








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